Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I walk to our office most mornings around San Antonio bay with my dog, one of the joys of living here, at lunch time I catch the boat back, because it's too hot to walk!

This morning my dog spotted a cat, he was soon on to it they had a little fight and then the cat ran up a tree and the dog stood barking, a very stereotypical image of a dog and cat. I loved it Dogs are meant to hate cats. It seems right. Anyway I am shouting at my dog to come back when along comes a policeman and asks me what I am doing, I point at the the dog and say "me perro es loco" he smiles, shrugs his shoulders and drives off.

I like certain stereotypes, I know they are are not always true. Some people have poofy little dogs that are frightened of cats, this is wrong, a Dog should be a Dog.

Anyway my dog now has two great cuts on his nose where the cat fought back.

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