Monday, May 29, 2006

Open Source Sermons

I had a thought in the shower yesterday about open source technology. What if there was a site where you could put a basic talk outline, or random stream of thought that you thought would be a good sermon! or discussional thing, and then others could look and add to it, no slagging it off or theological arguments just dialogue and insight to enhance the process and make the whole thing deeper.

Wouldn't it help you if you then had to do a talk somewhere or lead a group thing.

Would people be to precious with their ideas? is there really a line on original thought? couldn't dialogue and input add depth to all we have to say?

I get a lot of stuff from books, writngs, internet, other people, talks I have heard conversations I have, God and the Bible.

So I'll post a thought stream on opensourcesermons

I have already gone off the word sermon, I'll change it, but I hope you get the idea.

I know we all do this anyway on blogs and life but just a place to be more intentional.

I'll do it tomorrow......

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Phil A said...

Have you checked out - an entire encyclopedia constructed on exactly this principle!

You can get the underlying software for free - I suggetsed it to Pete Ward as a means of refining 24-7 vision and policy (especially "between round tables"). Because there is always a "where have we got to so far" on view at any given point, it encourages both open dialogue and actually reaching a conclusion...