Friday, June 30, 2006

How do you bless a rosary?

Forgot to mention, I had a really great day yesterday, was going to blog about it but got distracted by Cockroaches!

I got asked to perform a baby blessing. So I ended up in a really posh villa up in the mountains overlooking the sea, holding a little service for the blessing of baby Gabriel. Praying for him and his two parents with about 20 other people all around. Not a religious bunch but great people. We had a fantastic time and it was so moving to hold a one week old baby in my arms and pray that God would bless his life. I got a bit emotional because it all felt so special. My voice broke during the blessing and then set a few of the ladies off.

I then got asked to bless a Rosary, Eric one of the guys present had been given this rosary at his first communion in 1935! he carried it with him through the next 71 years, it had been with him through the bombings in London during the war and on his world travels. Symbolically it meant so much to him and he wanted gabriel to have it. Not being a catholic I didn't know what to do, but being a blagger! I made it up as I went along. So I opened my bible and placed the Rosary in the middle and prayed that the protection, strength and longevity that eric had recieved would be passed on symbolically to gabriel through the giving of the rosary. It was a very special moment. I think I did okay.

I love this part of life; bringing Jesus into places were he doesn't often go but where He wants to be.

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