Friday, June 30, 2006

One Hour in the West End

We ended up chatting with a guy last night, whose job is to get people to go into a strip club called Temptations. He's called jake and his friend Christian was taken into hospital a few days ago, could we please pray.

Talked to a girl called Leanne who had lots of stresses with finance etc..sat down chatted then just prayed with her on the street.

Had a moment with a bouncer who was slightly stressed because the footbal player Shaun Wright-Phillips was in his bar and he was trying to keep drunken football fans away.

As we walked along we got thinking about ways we can connect with the people in the new lap top dancing bar called "SIN" we were going to ask them for prayer requests but their bouncer was absolutley massive and a bit up tight looking. You would be if you had 5 girls dressed in provocative under wear to look after whilst 40 young men a little the worse for wear walk by.

Some of our guys chatted with a lad who works here who is from N.Ireland for 30 mins and then offered to pray for him.

Another girl wants us to pray because her Grandad is ill, we will.

On the way back to the car, I managed to give a card to a man trying to sell me cocaine and tell him if he ever needed me I would be there for him.

The girls got stopped and ended up being asked to pray for a girl who has a bad liver, whilst I ended up chatting to a Tarot card reader who assured me he hears from God, I told him that I did to, we had a little freaky stirring match then I left it, I will see him again.

Then we went home.

All of the above happened within a time frame of one hour, it's good to be alive isn't it.


lisa said...

an hour well spent!

indya said...

it's not lap top dancing, it's just lap dancing... talk about bein in the 21st century!

dan said...

good to hear the reports brian ... praying for you guys and the teams all summer.

well done.


louise said...

I'm really inspired by the work you're doing it's awesome...keep going for it.

Also praying for the teams this summer

(don't worry, you don't know me, I'm a randomer)