Sunday, June 18, 2006

West End

Well I have just got in from a night in the west End with our first 24-7prayer team. We have been having a wild time with the oppurtunity to pray for more than 60 people in just 3 nights, some very serious some light and easy. It looks great all their prayers pinned up in the prayer room. It's wild down there and tonight we went to another level with 3 guys coming back to the prayer room for prayer. So if you're the praying type please pray for Scotty and his two mates. I prayed with Scotty he really just said that there has to be more to life than this. So I prayed for blessing, peace, direction and answers!

We wear t-shirts with our logo on and have trendy little prayer request forms and it has got to the point were we don't have to approach people they actually call us over. I was born for this, although I was cross with myself tonight, as for some unknown reason I felt a bit scared going out!! Don't ask me why, I'm not sure, but hey we are a team and we carry each other so it doesn't all hang on me. Anyway after the scotty thing I am totally buzzing.

We went along the beach the other day giving out free oranges which also went well, so more of the same the next week.

I have decided, this isn't rocket science be Kind to people, true to Christ and carry the gospel.

In Ibiza you have what I can only say is west end snobbery! a kind of "I am to cool to hang out down there" vibe. It annoys me, people who are just up for meeting famous people and going to all the best clubs and working with the influencers. I personally don't think that is the way forward as a strategy. We get to go to the beautiful clubs and meet the famous people and influencers but it's secondary and I believe it comes because we concentrate on the rougher elements of life here.

Thanks for your support, I should go get some sleep.


Sheena said...

i was so excited reading this. isn't it amazing how a simple gift of a prayer or a piece of fruit can do so much!

we (that is, my church) do a similar thing every tuesday and friday evening in downtown area of our city. we wear shirts that say "can we help?" and give away bottled water and snacks. we also have little packs for street kids with socks, tooth brushes, deodorant and the like. we carry downtown maps and a book of help agencies and ministries so that we are a resource for anyone that needs to find it be a restaurant or a way to get off the streets.

every time i give something away i see it as the natural sign of their receiving the seeds of grace and salvation. the gift of an orange or a bottle of water is truly intercession.

God has used this simple "can we help?" scheme to open all kinds of doors, including relationship with city government. it's living proof of the reality of isaiah 58, and the way that God uses those who honor that which He values. i know this is going to open doors you never dreamed of. i can't wait to see it!

toggers said...

fantastic stuff Brian! :o)