Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Motherhood of God

Just in response to a few of the posts on my last little blog.

God is my mother.

"Oh how I would have gathered you like a mother hen gathers her chicks"

"I have stilled myself like a weaned child in your arms"

We limit God by only thinking of him as Father, He's bigger than that. Although I still find myself using the masculine pronoun to describe Him!

I have felt him hold me like a mother, listen to me like a mother, overlook my weaknesses like a mother, feed me like a mother, nurse me like a mother, carry me like a mother.

He/She has as much feminine as masculine, and I love Him for that. I will probably always use the masculine, that is how I am conditioned but I don't care about that.

Everything I lost in the death of my mother, I found in Him!

Mother God


Alain Emerson said...

Hi bro, chilling out for today in Kampala as we await team 2 tommorrow!! Hope you are good and enjoyed your blog. As far as i remember from my Hebrew studies the word 'Spirit' in Genesis 1 (which hovered over the face of the earth) took on the feminine gender. Helps balance things out I think.
Anyway, pass on my love to Indya. Hope it is going well..

Kirk Bartha said...

Reading Marva J. Dawn's "I'm Lonely, Lord - HOW LONG? meditations on the Psalms"

from chapter entitled "God's Mother Love" (meditation on Psalm 25:6-7, 10):

"Here the psalmist asks YHWH to remember his 'compassions.' The Hebrew term comes from the noun meaning 'womb' and therefore implies the mother-love of God. When her baby cries, a mother who has carried that child for nine months within herself, who thus is mysteriously knit to her offspring, can hardly resist picking the child up to comfort it and meet its needs. In the same way, we are baby-helpless before God.

This is one of the many First Testament passages which remind us that the image of God is both male and female. In his/her womb-compassion, his/her infinite mother-love, YHWH answers our cries."

Sheena said...

about a year ago i was praying, asking God to hide me in Him and i saw a picture. i suppose you could call it a vision.

it was a season where we were really stepping out in ministry to the city, and i was asking Him to hide me in the wound in His side. strange symbolism i know, but in the sense of isaiah 53 that says he was was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquity, and the price of our peace was taken out on Him. i was asking God to make me mindful that i carry with me the death of Christ, even unto my own protection.

as i was praying this i saw myself as if i was going into the wounded place in His side. it sounds gory, but it wasn't somehow. it was like going into a waterfall, but it was red. and then as i passed through it i was in this dark warm place and i realized i was embrionic, and i was hidden in God's womb, of all things. in that place i was safe, fed, nurtured, protected and a creatively crafted extension of the God who's child i am. it was a little strange, but really got me thinking about the Mother-heart of God.

Lisa said...

I've been lurking around here for a while, reading and enjoying, but this topic caught my attention, and particularly Sheena's comment.

The moravians often spoke of the wound in Christ's side as a womb. They also taught extensively on the theology of the Holy Spirit as "mother" - portraying the Trinity in a more familial fashion than we are used to thinking of it in.