Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sitting at Tables

What should I do if I am in a place, a home, where people are doing a lot of drugs?

How would people react if there was a police raid and I somehow managed to get arrested?

It could happen in this world that I live in?

What about if my friend and I jump out of our car and give prostitutes roses with little cards telling them Jesus loves them and they are worth more than this, and we get arrested for kerb crawling? Obviously you need to drive around to find the prostitutes. (havn't done this one yet, it's a plan thats brewing, Jackass evangelism!)

What if people confess sin to me that is really serious (criminal) and all they are looking for is forgiveness and comfort, should I report them?

Should I be worried about standing talking to Lap dancers and drug dealers?

These are the tables I am increasingly getting to sit at..

Sometimes it worries me, but I tend to think that those kind of fearful thoughts are coming from the dark side.

I am sure Jesus would have done it. He was called a drunkard and a glutton.

During my talk the other day I asked "When was the last time your reputation got called into account because of the company you keep?"

I used to know all this stuff in theory, now I am getting the oppurtunity to practice it.

It plays with my mind on days.......


Sheena said...

yeah, i can relate to this. i had an ex-streetkid in my living room the other day that was coming by to see a friend of mine that minstered to him on the streets. it was convenient for him to drop by since he had some drugs to sell one of my nieghbors. i knew it was the right thing to invite this guy into my home, regardless of what was in his backpack.

it's part of living by the spirit. it's easy to live by rules. it's not at all easy to live by the voice of God because you always have to be listening and ready to obey. anyway, didn't they call Jesus the friend of sinners?

Karen said...

Brian Heasley...yep u rock the house! Keep doing what you're doing. Live in the tension. It's God. It's God. It's God. Your imperfect humanity and God's redeeming perfection united...fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Here is a poem I wrote about this very subject not too long ago:

I want to connect, not correct.
I want to build a bridge, not a wall.
Relationship with you Lord,
Relationship with your people,
Jesus I will answer your call.

Hope its helps....God Bless you Brian and the work you and your teams are doing there....

Kirk Bartha said...

From Jurgen Moltmann's "God for a Secular Society":

Mission in the original theological sense of the word is missio Dei - God's sending. But what does God send? According to the biblical understanding (both Jewish and Christian) he sends nothing less than his Spirit into this world, through Christ, the Messiah. This is the Spirit who is the life-giver and who is therefore called the Spirit of life, or the source of life....

God's sending is biocentrically oriented, not antropocentrically. It is not concerned with the political or religious rule of human beings over the world, and not merely with the salvation of human souls, but with the liberation, salvation and final redemption of the life shared.

It's goal is therefore 'the new creation of all things'. The eternal life which is the gift of the Spirit who is the life-giver is not a life other than this life here and now; it is the power through which this life here will be different....

...So Nietzsche was right: 'eternal life is eternal livingness.' If God's sending embraces the whole of life, the shared life of all the living, it must not be reduced to religion and inwardness....

Jesus didn't bring a new religion into the world. He brough new life... Christ is the divine Yes to life.

Anonymous said...

When you choose to wear a collar you choose to take on the responsibility. Its the onerous one of confidentiality, of a stated empathy with the poor and mean, one that will in the name of Jesus stand against unjust authority. Its the way of Huddlestone, Kind, Abernathy, Tutu, Waite.. the list goes on.