Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last Night

Well I guess this is starting to feel normal for us, but I was just sitting back this morning and reflecting on what goes on out on the streets, and how it is so not normal and that God is so with us.

Last night started with two of our team Sarah and Fiona being able to go into Temptations strip joint and talk with one of the strippers whose friend is in trouble. Whilst this was going on other members were out on the street, people literally poured their hearts out last, one guy just talked and talk to Tracy (my wife) about his messy love life. One of the German members of our team met a few Germans and prayed for one on the street and then another who was so moved. Two of our girls sat outside a bar and chatted with two ladies from Manchester who they eventually prayed for, the two girls said,” that was so beautiful and simple, we could do that” so we assured them that they could pray and God would listen.

Then it went up a notch the guys went out again, tired and a bit flat. Tracy and Rachel ended up talking to a whole group of girls on a hen week. One girl took Tracy aside and asked her to explain why it would be wrong of her to contact the dead at her local spiritualist church, Tracy spent and hour with this girl prayed for on the street she wept and has promised to give God a year to prove that he is real, He will. Meanwhile with the same bunch of girls Rachel talked to one who had lost her Granddad, the girl started to cry and said “I have never cried like this before” she turned to Rachel and said, no word of a lie, “It’s God in you making me cry”.

Elsewhere Chris ended up talking to guy a guy whose spiritualist mother had told him when he was very young that he had a third eye, and the guy had started to see the ghosts of dead relatives at night, he drank to escape, Chris spent and hour with this guy, and eventually prayed freedom over him, and all sorts of stuff. The guy was deeply moved, and will see us again.

In another part of the west end Fiona and Eva were dealing with a drunk Scottish bloke, after numerous conversations with others, I had to get my car and take this puke covered guy back to his hotel with his friend.

More happened, I should write a book!

Anyway I was sitting outside the prayer room at 6.45am this morning when a prostitute walked out from underneath were we are based after giving a punter a blowjob, she spat it out in the street! I chatted with a West African drug dealer in Spanish who was concerned that it was very quiet and he hadn’t done a lot of business. Was high-fived by a Moroccan drug dealer, who then walked off into the distance trying to grab English girls breasts!

We continue to have many nights like these.

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Sheena said...

isn't it funny how things become 'normal' that would've blown us away before?

i was just thinking about this because a friend of mine has joined us in our weekly can we help walks through downtown. she was just flabbergasted by the things that came out of the mouths of these streetkids. it flustered her and she didn't know how to respond to some of the conversations.

i found myself saying (without really thinking about it) "pretty soon it won't even phaze you". and this was in regard to a guy who asked her what look was on his face before telling her she wasn't talking to him, she was talking to 'mary'.

normal really is subjective, isn't it? and it's all in a day's work.