Saturday, August 26, 2006

An early night.

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Well a few more wild nights, lots of conversations and one major time with a guy who was in a real muddle. It was just a normal night a we went out twice chatted with and prayed with a number of people. we gave out brownies, which I know is illegal but the workers loved it and we just kept our eyes open for the police, actually it was easy because as long as all the drug dealers hang around you know it's safe but if they disappear you know it's time to hide your brownies!

I also managed to kneel in some beer when I was talking to some people and then sat on some puke whilst one of our girls was chatting with another girl!

At about 4am we decided to call it a night, actually Fiona had a slight headache and I was tired so I said "Fi you look a bit rough I should get you home" basically a good excuse to get away, I fancied an early night. We left the team and started to walk down the street, at which point we ended up in a conversation with 3 guys. One of the guys was a bit distressed, Fiona prayed with him on the street and he started to cry, so we left his friends and took him to the prayer room. We got him a bit chilled and then we read Bible verses, prayed with him a number of times and lit candles for his family, he also said a few hail Marys. I can't give you details of his problems but we really helped him. He was also slightly pilled up, so we talked him through his comedown and at about 6.45am we walked him back to his hotel!

We then started to head home but found a guy lying in a piece of waste ground, Fiona thought he was dead, which was a little bit of a shock to her. She called me over with a worried tone in her voice. I was having a pee in a bush and ended up urinating on my foot when she called out, weeing in a bush with flip flops on can be tricky at the best of times, it gets more difficult when you are mid flow and one of your team thinks she's discovered a dead body.

At first her prodding didn't actually revive him we were a little worried. He did then show some signs of life and woke up. He had actually just been sleeping his night off, when he eventually came around he looked a little bewildered but quite refreshed. He said thanks for waking him and trundled off to look for his hotel.

Again the right place at the right time, someone could have easily robbed him.

Eventually got to bed at 8am in the morning, having knelt in beer, sat on puke and urinated on my foot. I was to tired to shower.

Not exactly an early night!


indya said...

I don't know which part is my favourite in this one... the bit about knowing when to hide your brownies or how you peed on your foot cz Fi found a body. Oh boy.

Sheena said...

i got my flip-flop-clad foot splashed with someone's wine-puke at our 'festa italiana' last night. it was after our prayerwalk, so it won't get me an extra jewel in my crown in heaven...just sympathy for your night.