Monday, August 07, 2006

A post from Ibiza

this is a comment written by Matt who has just been on two week team out here in Ibiza. We missed being out here and are glad to be back: Over to Matt

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Before going out last night, I walked back to the hotel to fetch some painkillers for Lorraine (the least I could do for my part in putting her in this position) & being the forgetful fool I am, I locked myself out. As I stood waiting, a Mancunian lad who looked familiar ran up to me with an excitement that belied his cool bloke image. Clapping his hands together he blurted "we've gotta get you to pray some stuff for us! You sorted Daz's hand right out so..." "Where is he?!" I interrupted.. I HAD to see this... I prayed for Daz in the street 2 days before. He told me how punched through a glass window because he lost his phone. Darren had severed 2 tendons in his hand, and his mate (the enthusiastic guy) had then described in gruesome detail how the hand had been cut to the bone. Talking through it on the streets a few nights ago, Daz had been sceptical, but trusted enough to let me hold his hand in front of his mates & pray for him right there. "It's tingling" he'd said looking carefully at it "I know there’s some things in the world I don’t understand"

"Daz!" his mate called him over. Daz wandered over looking a bit sheepish, a coy smile on his face. I reckon he was trying to work out how he was gonna explain himself. He looked down at his hand. "I could move it a bit again" He showed me his wiggling little finger. "So I took the cast off & I could move it properly" he smiled.

Going back to the prayer room, remembering what I’d read there earlier. I thought about my expectations for this trip, knowing God would show me new things, & show himself in a very real way in this place where his active intervention is so important. This place where people stay for a short time & yet do so much damage, not only to the island, but to themselves. This place where people come to experience a release from tightly bound civilisation, but escape the safety & comfort of such a system. In this place, where we step so far away from these zones of comfort, God will not let us down. He will guide your every step, meet your every need & support you as you seek to glorify his name. Indeed anything is possible though Christ who strengthens me.

That night we said goodbye to a lot of the reps we’d built relationships with over the last fortnight & offered them once again prayers that will go home with us. Matt prayed to be challenged & the next person he met confessed to being “in a bad way” & needed prayer for his kidneys. The girls chatted & counselled a guy called Alex and had a drink with the lovely guy Todd. We all felt sad that we must pass on to the next team; the next piece of the puzzle. If only we could stay & complete the picture coming together here in Ibiza. As we walked home that last night, I stood sombre waited for the girls to finish a chat with a rep. A Scottish girl beckoned me over. Eagerly she insisted on scribbling down her prayer request.

“I would like to be happy with what life brings for me & my friends this year. Thanx”.

This is my final prayer request for this mission, and it’s remarkably apt for the situation. We are indeed so grateful that God has been able to use our lives at this time. I’m glad so many teams are out here this summer to experience what it is to work so closely with the Lord. For my part, I am both happy and excited to return and let what I have learned here flow over into my life at home and at university. I am also so grateful to have shared all this with my team, my friends here who have always been so supporting and inspiring to each other.


indya said...

Hey Brian!
Don't want to be a nitpicker, but it was Andy who wrote that post, not Matt...

Hope everything's goin well out there, especially without me, must be really hard... ;-)

love yas all

Brian Heasley said...

yeah o know, thanks Indya, how you doing?