Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Do you ever get those moments were tiredness just hits you and affects your mood and your decision making?

Had 2 nights were we got in at 5.30am and another one ahead of us tonight. Which has in turn meant I have become irrational and grumpy, especially to Tracy, flowers are the order of the day, must get some. But then thats not her language of love, it's doing things that she likes. I am more likely to impress and redeem myself if I clean the toilet!

The 5 languages of love: 1. Kind words 2.Quality time 3.Gifts 4. Doing things 5. Touch.

Me I like Gifts and Kind words.

Most men think they are Touch, but they don't tend to mean back stroking, normally it's the serpiente de pantolones.

Also made few boobs the other night, a drug dealer asked me for one of the T-shirts we wear down on the streets, I said yes but then the team kind of said maybe people would get confused; we wear them and offer prayer, he wears his and offers drugs, don't quite know what to do, hopefully he'll forget he asked!

Also promised a guy who works at a strip joint that I would pray that his work goes better, which if it did would mean he had more paying customers coming to watch the naked ladies! Should have thought that one through a bit better, but I was on the spot and tired.

Tiredness, who needs it.


Jeff said...


Brian Heasley said...

boobs = faux pas, bloopers, mistakes, inappropriate comments, etc...

Of course they also mean other things, but the above is what I meant.

lisa said...

did you end up cleaning the toilet?

Brian Heasley said...

No I didn't clean the toilet, just went straight for touch!

lisa said...

well, sometimes that works just a well :-)

Donuts said...

The language of love for me is kind words especially of affirmation.

and chocolate!!!!!