Monday, August 28, 2006

Whats going on in Scotland?

In the last week I have read 3 news articles on the BBC Website . All of which seem slightly random

Four firefighters are due before a disciplinary hearing over their refusal to hand out leaflets at a gay pride march in Glasgow.

Personally I would have done this, no big deal handing out leaflets etc.. what bugs me is that these firemen get harassed for their beliefs, if they choose not do something because they don’t agree they should be afforded the same freedom as those who practice alternative lifestyles.

Next one

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards may have flouted Scotland's smoking ban when he played to thousands fans at Glasgow's Hampden Park.

The city council confirmed it was investigating reports that he smoked on stage throughout the gig on Friday.

The veteran rocker could face a £50 fine and Hampden Park could also face a £250 penalty if officials prove the venue failed to enforce the ban.

Hilarious on two counts, it’s an outdoor venue, he’s on stage and secondly last year the Stones reportedly made $92,000000 and he’s going to get a £50 fine! What were the officials going to do walk on to stage and ask him to put it out?

And then

The Catholic Church has criticised Scottish prosecutors for cautioning a Celtic goalkeeper who crossed himself during a match against Rangers.

Artur Boruc was cautioned for a breach of the peace over the incident at an Old Firm match at Ibrox in February. Strathclyde Police investigated complaints that Boruc, 26, had angered a section of the crowd with his behaviour and they submitted a report to the procurator fiscal.

Fancy that, football fans getting upset at a guy crossing himself, hardly what you would expect from hardened Scottish football supporters. I know there are religious overtones to the whole Celtic v Rangers match. Maybe this is a step to far.

I think I understand both sides of the argument, but I still find this all slightly unsettling.

Why does these articles disturb me?

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