Monday, September 04, 2006

The Artic Monkeys

Will tell some more of my Ireland story later this week

On Saturday night, I was lying in bed and got a phone call from a worker in the west end to come and pick up a drunk. We went down there it was messy, the story is on the Ibiza stories blog The last night we as a team went out to celebrate the fact that we have had a great summer and that all the 24-7prayer teams have gone home. We were sitting in a restaurant were we know the waitress, when she informed us that the artic monkeys would be along in ten minutes. Weird it was definitley them we didn't go autograph hunting or anything like that, but they were down by the beach after their meal, so I went and got a light from one of them. Small skinny chaps. Must admit after living here for 18 months I don't think I have ever heard the artic monkeys.

It is weird place here, I saw the guy from The Streets a while ago, someone I know bumped into Claudia Schiffer, Fi on our team baby sat for some pop stars. Matt who is out here did a wedding were Kate Moss was and that photographer mario??? the one who photographed Diana.

Celebrity, now that to me is a scary word.

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lisa said...

Our family came through customs in LA last week directly behind Courtney Love. Imagine how boring we looked after Ms Love! They just waved us through with a yawn...