Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nail Dream

Had a weird dream; It was so vivid not disturbing but very clear.

I was sitting in a room talking to friend. When she said to me "you've got something in your foot" at first I didn't believe her because my foot felt fine. But she persisted, so grudgingly we took a look. Then in my right foot there were three nails buried under the skin, one was very long and went right through, one was medium sized and one was small. We pulled them all out painlessly, and although I had not been aware they were in my foot I instantly noticed the difference and could walk better.

It didn't feel evil or heavy, but unknowingly I had picked something up that was affecting my foot. I'm just trying to work out what the 3 things could be. I hadn't had any cheese or drank wine before I went to bed!

At first when she pointed out there was something in my foot I didn't believe her, that was the only negative moment. I can only remember my friend, her husband in the room there were a few other unknown faces, kind of just sitting around, a bit like a home group type vibe. My foot was totally normal not detached and actually thinking about it, it was my left foot. The nails were silver grey, modern, the longest one had gone right through my foot it began like a nail but as we pulled it out it had a screw tip. There was absolutely no blood, they came out easy although we needed to dig our finger nails under them to pull them out, skin was starting to fold over them a bit.

The room was unfamiliar but comfortable, the only colour that springs to mind is light pastel green almost white!!!

I am thinking a few things have got embedded in me that are affecting my walk without me noticing, they are nothing to be stressed about but they need to be pulled out. I just don't know what they are.

What do you think?

Don't worry if you don't feel anything, I am just praying about what it may be.

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Rob Finking said...

Hi there Brian, you don't know me, I posted a reply to one of your other posts having seen a link to your blog from WK. (I have to avoid saying BK or I can't help thinking of a burger chain).

I don't know if this helps, but I have had a couple of pictures over the years of bits of metal either in or on me. Both were things that needed dealing with - foreign bodies that needed removing basically, which sounds like your nails. Both required outside assistance to sort out.

I thought what you said about the foot representing your walk seemed to make sense.

In the past one of the metal items I had represented Satan's influence over me. The item itself wasn't evil but Satan was using it to control me. The item grew in size as the influence over me grew.

I guess with a nail in your foot it wouldn't matter whether they were a scheme of the enemy or something that had just come into your life some other way, since a nail is effective on its own.

If (and that's a big if) your nails have that kind of meaning, perhaps in the three different nails you're seeing three different stages of growth of the same thing? Perhaps you're at the small nail stage at the moment?

When fully formed, a nail all the way through your foot and into the ground could stop you moving at all.

I guess the obvious thing to do (which you have probably already thought of) is to go and ask your friend if there is anything she thinks is hindering your walk?

Something else your nails have in common is that they caused no pain, drew no blood etc. so that you wouldn't notice that anything was wrong until it is pointed out to you.

I got my metal removed at the first stage of a "Freedom Appointment" (have you come across Freedom In Christ? we covered it at CC over the last 12 months or so). I didn't even know it was there until the moment it was removed.

I hope this helps!

Love in Christ