Friday, September 22, 2006

Better Day

Thanks guys, I know I am not through it all yet but I feel better today. Lighter more realistic, less grumpy.

We have been out on the westend the last couple of nights. I went out Wednesday with Steve, Matt and Bob. We had a great time some nice long conversations, prayed with four girls and then ended up in Eden, which was fun. Bob is making a promotional video of all we do, he's from Tulsa Oklahoma, so we are sitting outside Eden talking about how we could get in to film, when a guy comes up to us and tells us he is the promoter for the evening and would we like to come in and film! so we go in get some good footage and have some fun. Weird though. After getting up at 7am to get the boys to school I didn't get to bed until 4.30am the following morning.

Then last night Tracy, Fiona, Steve, Matt, Dawn and Bob went out they had another good night, Steve got someone back to a hotel and managed to stop a fight. The girls had some good chats and Bob got more footage.

I stayed in and went to bed early, which might be why I feel better today.

We met a guy the other night who said he didn't believe in God and christianity was a crutch to lean on, I asked him what he believed and he said that we all came from another planet!!!

Who is the strange one?

Anyway, withdrawal is coming in waves, I am eating to much but figure I'll loose it again, once I deal with this.

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Nico said...

Brian, you are doing brilliantly so far! Keep it up. Once you get a few days under your belt, you'll be able to look at it a bit more rationaly (instead of fighting the cravings all the time) and that helps lots.

Stick with it!