Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rationality returns

I am feeling more rational, but here's the deal.

What stuff is now just manifesting in my life that I have excused as addiction and the symptoms of not having a cigar?

What am I hiding behind? Am I over thinking this one? Not sure.

Anyway I like being irrational from time to time, who wants to be normal. What is normal? A construct that is created by society, a way we are told to live and behave, a rational way of life. Go to college, earn the money, marry the girl, have the car, the house, the children, the holidays, thats it on one level.

Deeper is how to act, what to think, how to behave, I accept that we are called to be positive contributions to our society but then we don't have to totally embrace it's world veiw.

What about church, is there a rational and right way of behaving? most churches have their own corporate culture, I have been to churches that embrace prophetic songs etc.. and others who positively laugh at that kind of stuff. A culture of care, a culture of cyniscism, a culture of worship, all these things manifest in different churches. You need to embrace the culture, be rational, to be accepted. The rationale is often explained in a programme, willow creek, purpose driven, cell church, seeker services, soaking services, pentecostal, charismatic, bible believing, high church, low church, missional community, emerging congregation, etc...

Be rational think like everyone else.

The pastor is God, what he says goes, the team rules, the congregation votes, the wives decide, the prophets lead from behind! all different church cultures, different rationales.

Rational what is rational? Who decides?


eric said...

Well said!

Mark (from Guernsey) said...

Been following your blogs all summer but some great blogs this week, Brian - keep up the transparency. I have just been struggling with God over the deeper bit. There is so much to be done, so much to be prayed over, but we get trapped in the "normal life". We need creative communities to release us to a deeper/ fuller / more lovefull & meaning ful lives. But can we break through that normality threshold? It's a struggle!