Saturday, September 23, 2006

Childrens music

Whilst I have been locked in my own little world this week, family life has been going on around me. My boys have been downloading loads of music on itunes.

Now this is a new one for me, as a child we didn't listen to much music. That was until we could afford to buy our own and I think that was when we went to senior school. My favourite piece of music when I was young was Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture.

Anyway my boys have been downloading rap music etc... I starting thinking "how do I deal with this one?" had a quick think, couldn't find a good book on the subject. Generally I think we need to work this parenting thing out as we go along and trust that we make the right decisions, in the moment.

So I came up with and asked them 3 questions.

Does it have swearing in it?
Does it make you want to go out and hurt people?
Does it make you want to look at naked ladies?

They looked a little bewildered, but answered NO to all 3 questions.

That was a relief.


Carlos said...

hillsong makes me go out and hurt ppl >.<

Brian Heasley said...

yo tambien

dave wiggins said...

Hillsong makes me want to hurt myself!! Although Jesus is my superhero, he's better than spiderman anyway.

On the whole Christian Dating site, i'm not going to give in to the temptation and go on it but thanks man. We did have an Albanian pastor and his wife over last week, they're serious matchmakers...

lisa said...

driving along the other day and t-rex came on. there was marc bolan singing bang a gong and me very happily joining in and telling my boys i used to listen to this when I was 9. trevor said "Mom! You were a bad girl!" i'm sure it was the bad influence of my neighbor who was 10...