Sunday, September 17, 2006

Funny little thing

Have not had acess to a computer for long enough this week. Anyway we have been staying outside of london at a friends house it takes us over an hour to get home every night on the Train. I am staying at Phil and Lisa's with Steve from Ibiza. Having a superb time.

Got off the train in Stanford where we are staying tonight and Steve spotted a chap lying on the opposite platform who looked asleep, we walked around and saw him he was totally unconscious lying on the concrete floor stinking of alchohol and covered in sick, with his mobile lying next to him. We woke him up a little, got his name and address then dragged him into Phil's car and managed to get him home.

Phil and Steve carried him up to his bed and I gave his mum a 24-7 Ibiza card which I know is strange as we are in Essex just outside london but I didn't know what else to give her. I told her what we do and I think her son will be in for a hard time in the morning, although she was more cross with his friends who had abandoned him to sleep at the train station,

I am now sitting in Phil and Lisas home with Steve waiting for our clothes to finish washing as they had puke on them and they were the only clean clothes we had left. He had been drinking cider we could tell by the smell of the puke.

Funny world isn’t it. we don't seek it out but now we are attuned to this we have a radar for it.

Anyway he would have been robbed if we left him, so it was great of God to give us the chance to help him.


Anonymous said...

I was driving home the other night and their was a really wasted girl being carried along by her male friend. I honestly didn't know whether I should stop and offer a lift or not, but they had sat down on a bench and I was on my own so I decided against it. Also, on Friday night I left my friend home and there was a guy running down through her estate (which is on a really steep hill) and he fell flat on his face and skidded into the road. It looked so incredibly painful. I rolled down the window and asked him was he ok, by which time he was hopping about on one foot and rubbing at various scraped up parts of his body, he said he was and that he only lived up the road a bit, so I left him to it, I had someone else to take home. But then once I did that I couldn't go home without driving back to see if he was still there (as I'd left he had sat down under a lamp post to nurse his wounds), but he wasn't.
I think the point of my really long comment is that I've caught something from doing that stuff in Ibiza, and I don't think it's the worst bug in the world to have caught!

love indya

P.S. I'm 20 today!

Anonymous said...

Oh and as for the purple writing, did you not know I'm a goth at heart?


Peace and love to you too

Tell everyone I said hello, and that I love them.

lisa said...

if you're still at Phil and Lisa's, greet them from us, their Barcelona roommates. tell them we should have a reunion and stay in a hot, under ventilated youth hostel room with bunk beds two feet apart again some time!