Thursday, September 07, 2006


What can I say! Living in Spain and watching N.Ireland recover from their horrendous defeat to Iceland by beating Spain 3-2 was fantastic.

Not quite as good as Espana 82, but still wonderful.

Had a night out in the west end, it was very quiet but good, a few conversations a few prayers got home by 2am, was a bit knackered after getting up for the school thing at 7am.

When we prayed before we went out I felt like a lot of my praying is to me not to God. I am trying to remind myself of who he is and what I want to see him do. Found it a bit unsettling, has the summer made my prayer life a bit of a gee up time, why do I always feel like when I pray it's about getting out of the trenches and going to war, To a certain degree that is what we do, but I need more time for reflection.

There is a link on billys blog to a site called sacred space I have been using it a lot lately to try and reconnect with the more comptemplative side of my prayer life. Its a catholic site from ireland, I try to go there first thing, before I do anything else on my computer.

Thanks for all the Dad encouragement, we went to the beach after school which was great. Ellis tried catching Jelly fish which went well until he got stung by one! My prophetic gift was strong, I had just said to Tracy, "he'll get stung by one of them in a minute"

Anyway N.Ireland won, I have found a great Irish comteplative site and my two half Irish sons had a good day at school. Oh and by the way the only person who gave us a prayer request tonight was an Irish man!

Maybe I should start drinking Guiness again.....

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