Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to school

This photo was taken last week, but they won't be smiling like this tomorrow!

My boys go back to school tomorrow, so in the morning we will be getting up at 7am, we have been going to bed at about 6am!! some nights, so it is quite a trasition back to a normal routine.

I worry about being a parent. Am I to grumpy? Do I shout when I shouldn't? Does my life get wrapped up in work whilst they grow up around me? Do I give my laptop more attention? Will smoking and saying sh*t when I bang my head have a negative imprint on them? I laugh when they fart and dance on tables! and then I tell them not to...

The other thing I don't get, is how to comb hair without hurting them, they like it long and so do I, but every morning you would think I was pulling their finger nails out as I comb it.

If they scream to much I tell them I will cut it off, number one rule of parenting don't make a threat you won't carry out, I break that one a lot!

Dreadlocks could be the way forward.

I get scared that it is all flying along really quickly. Before you know it they will be men.

Most of the time I am cool with being a dad, but I just have those moments. They are the best two men in my life. Sometimes I wish I could stop time and just hold on to these moments, these days. I am as depressed about them going to scool as they are. I hated school, but I mustn't communicate that to them. I probably do sometimes but they need to have a positive dad. So a healthy direspect for authority but a thirst for knowledge is all I require of them.

Anyway just dad thoughts, we'll play football tomorrow when they get in and all will be well.


Anonymous said...


i can relate bro. our wee boyz aint started school yet but Finn (4) has just started preschool and I am scared. Too early. Too tired and sometime grumpy. Plus we have to deal with the bloody rain!

I love my boys. I take so many photos and videos. I am scared of letting go and moving on.

But it is such a good adventure. I'm smiling right now cos I am thinking about Dillon (2) bringing me into the bathroom this morning to show me his poo in the potty. We are soooo proud! Of a poo! How cool is that. You can even be proud of the S*it in life!

Brian - you are a good fella. You love your boys and they know it. take a wee treat day off some time soon and have some fun.

love ye

Johnny P

Rob Finking said...

Hair combing tip. I got this one from my wife after causing my own kids pain by getting it wrong.

You may already know this one, but it makes a huge difference...

You have to comb hair in stages. Don't slap the comb in at the roots and then try and pull all the knots out in one go. There are usually little knots all over the hair. If you start out at the top and try and comb them all down at once, you just end up pushing them all together into one big not. No, apparently that's not the way to do it.

What you're supposed to do, it seems, is put the comb in very close to the end of the hair and comb down from there. Once you have got rid of the knots in the ends, you start putting the comb in a bit higher up and comb down from there to deal with the knots at that level. You keep repeating this until you're at the top of the head, at which point the hair is now knot free and you can comb it into whatever style you want.

I've not quite managed to sort out the advanced combing techniques needed for use with hair bobbles (I have two girls), but I'm getting there!

You know I can't help thinking there might be a spiritual lesson here somewhere.


Frank said...

Hi Brian

My 2 lads are 12 & 17 - the older one just failed his AS levels and has decided to quit college and look for a job. I am proud of him and will support him all I can. At least he will not look back one day and wish he'd had a go - better to have tried and failed and then to move on. He says he's not bothered but I know it has hurt him - failure is never nice. The important thing for me is to be positive with him and remind him what a talented and bright guy he is (lazy and arrogant maybe but these don't need saying). He'll find soemthing he really wants to do and be very successful - in the meantime he needs to know that his dad believes in him and is cool about not passing boring exams.

My 12 y.o. is very different - couldn't wait to get back to school today as he's been bored during the holidays. He will be a brain surgeon/rocket scientist by the time he's 21. But he won't eat any veg or fruit. How do I influence him?

The challenges of dadhood are many and varied!

Dios te bendige amigo.


Sheena said...

as unimportant as it may seem to comment on your sons' hair, i do have two words - detangle spray. you can get it in the kid's shampoo / haircare part of the store and it's like magic! you can spray it on wet or dry hair and comb right through!

Anonymous said...

The one thing I noticed while I was staying with you guys is that you are such a sweetheart when it comes to your boys. You're a good dad Brian.

Missin you all


Anonymous said...

Actually, to add to that, I think you're just a big softie in general... the skinhead is misleading.

Again, indya