Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bloggers Block

I am struggling with what to say.

Been watching my visitor stats to carefully.

Felt like ending it all this week, the blog that is!

I think it takes time to do it well and I need to use more outside stuff rather than just the stuff in my head.

May be a bit slack with my blog as I have a little rethink.

Stick with me, I'll sort it out.


dave wiggins said...

talk about your manhood again, that'll get your hits up ...

Anonymous said...

Finally got the t-shirt brian, thanks so much! Might wear it to church tomorrow. Also, the link to Al's blog on your page still doesn't work.

Love you all

Anonymous said...

your blog wasn't that interesting anyway

lisa said...

but we like the stuff that is in your head. we can get "other" stuff other places!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog when I'm at work, it helps me and I get to show non-christians what my brother does, so keep it up, We have had quite a strange and different life, that you should be able to draw inspiration from and I know others are inspired and are reading this blog. Thanks.


Phil Evans said...

Brian; give yourself an ASBO. An anti social blogging order, and get back to us some time soon.

Julian said...

Keep going Brian, you are facing issues that strike at the heart of what it is to be a christian in today's culture. By writing them down we are seeing them play out in real time, rather than the eventual book where everything is tidy.

Carla Trundle said...

Interesting, I've been there. My conclusion - don't check your blog stats. I made a decision a while ago that I was blogging to share what's happening in my life with friends. The times I've felt most pressured is when I'm writing for an audience, it's often when I've gotten the least response aswell. I love your blog because it's you. You rock xc

Hannah said...

Brian I don't know you but I came to read your blog vis a twisted path from the 24-7 website and Carla, who I don't really know either.
I think the best thing about blogging is that invisible audience. The knowledge that someone might read it or soemone might not.
I'm not so good with talking about my journey with God and blogging is starting to help. I like reading other people's blogs, thier journeys and thoughts. It helps!