Monday, October 09, 2006

That's my King

I love that prayer by Rev SM Lockridge: Thats my King.

I was reflecting this morning on the stuff I mentioned yesterday. How the Israelite rejected God when they asked for a King. I sometimes look for a king, a king to provide, a king to help, a king for answers. In certain situations my mind leaps to people before it leaps to God. Now people can and are sent by God to assist us. I just feel that i need to go to God first.

When we moved here, we got rid of our credit cards, all of them! because we felt that it is sometimes easier to look to the credit card than to God. This can get messy especially if you don't have an income to help pay your way out. I have just let the credit card owning people who read this off the hook. Got to go to God first.

When my boys want to buy a toy or game at the shop they occasionaly ask me to advance them some pocket money. I won't do it. I think it breeds a loan mentality that can get carried over in to later life, buy now pay later. I don't like it.

Anyway Kings, who is my king? I find the triune God complicated and complex. My friend, my lover, my Lord, my master, my father, my shepherd, my king, wild, unpredictable, dependable, immutable, constant, close, distant, quiet, loud, gracious, judge, merciful, provider, withholder! etc.

Who you gonna be today God?
Are you all those at once?
Who am I talking to?
Do I choose?
Or do you choose?

God, you're to big for me to handle at times, I'd like to put you in a box so I can understand you.

In fact I do, I box you in to make you easier to get my head around.
Does that restrict you God? Or are you cool with living in a box?

I wish you made more sense at times, although I like the madness you bring to my reality.


Carla Trundle said...

I totally agree that credit has negated faith for so many (myself included at times). Steve and I just finished paying off our credit cards and had a cutting up ceremony. We've only kept business expences cards. Its a great tough challenge. If we don't have the money, we're not spending it. xc

Karen said...

brian brian...
love your prayer..

jenelle said...

Yes, I feel the same way about the credit card being God. It's a huge step out on the water to move to Ibiza and throw out your plastic. I can't wait for my own cutting-up ceremony. Cheers, Carla

jenelle said...

ha ha ha I didn't mean to call God a credit card. You get me.