Sunday, October 22, 2006


I had forgot what it's like just to have totally grey days, no breaks in the clouds or anything just grey. It does rain in Ibiza but very rarely is it ever grey all day. It could be depressing. Today has been totally grey. It makes me look forward to going to N.Ireland on Thursday.

Tracy and myself preached twice this morning, the first one was a bit crap, because I waffled and went of plan, which then left Tracy with no time to say her carefully planned piece! Second time was loads better I stuck to the plan and it went well. The boys are loving it, we have had curries and kebabs, then this afternoon we had a full on roast dinner and watched Liverppol (my team) get beat by Man Utd (my boys team) then I had a snooze!

When I can work out how get an MP3 up on my blog, I will put todays talk up, then you can here tracy and myself. Off to Tracy's sisters tomorrow which should be nice and then I am out in the evening with billy which will be cool, he's a nice chap. Actually he's probably been one of my best friends over the last 9 years or so and it's been cool hanging with him. I could tell you some tales......

I had a pint of Guiness yesterday, it was beautiful, I have come of my drink fast. So far so good, haven't wanted loads or anything like that, I have been off the beer since January. I feel I have mastered my self in this area. I will definitly not drink for 4-5 months most years now. Not that I am ever going to drink loads the other times.

Well anyway, it's grey I am now about to speak at the evening youth thing here, this is my sixth talk in 2 days. I love it really.


Carlos said...

it's never gray in mexico. sometimes it's orange. When I lived in Santander I spent a week in the gray, turned all emo and had troubles going out of bed.

Rachel said...

Welcome back to the uk! How's things been going in ibiza? Do ya miss me! hee hee. You really should get a my space you know- i just worked out how to set one up! and i need people to stalk and annoy! Anyway take care and i can't wait to come back and see you all soon! Love Rachel xx