Monday, October 23, 2006

My mums gravestone

My mother died in March 1981, Paul was 12, I was 11, Evan was 10 and John was 4, we had lived in England since November 1978.

My Dad had this headstone put on her grave last week there wasn't one there before. My big brother Paul took the photo, he had never been to the grave before, neither have I.

I will go next time I am down that way.

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Donuts said...

My mum has a grave stone too. It's a shame it's so far away up in Scotland but when I do go there it makes it more special because it's a rare event. It's a place I can go and sit and ponder and remember. If my kids are with me I tell them all about her. If my Dad is with me with just stand and cry together and think of her. It's a good place to go.