Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Call of Duty

No sorry this is not some deep and meaningful post about how us Christian brothers and sisters are meant to unite in the call to take Jesus to the world.

This is about Xbox 360's latest release "Call of Duty 3' it arrived yesterday from England and I have spent the night mastering my technique.

Someone recently gave us an XBox 360 as a present, can you believe that? I must admit I am totally hooked, we also got given Fifa 07 so now I can play football online with people from all over the world.

I remember Christmas 1980 getting a Video game for our TV, it was a little black and white tennis thing. Also about 2 years later my friend up the road got a video player and then some time in the 80's a ZX spectrum. It all seems so long ago.

We live in a changing world, I think I enjoy it.

If the world is changing, am I? Do I embrace change well, on one level yes on another I am not so sure.

Confucius: "Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change."

Life is about moving forward, learn from the past, but move forward, reflect on the now, but move forward.

David Livingstone said " I'll go anywhere as long as it is forward"

I want to be like that.


J-Mac said...

I agree....but should we embrace change even if it is detrimental? As much as I love pro-evo on the ps2 I can't think of any good that comes from playing computer games...I could be wrong though...

Anonymous said...

don't analyse just enjoy. paul h

dave wiggins said...

you're wrong john, what about nights of male bonding involving beer, pro evo, pizza, buzz and fighting ... brings the boys closer?

Carlos said...

consoles r4kidz. nuff said

A2J said...

I do agree, to take a religious slant, I spent too much time looking back at mistakes in the past that I felt God could not love me for them then I realised God knew the past and loved me and moved me forward. We can't live in a monotous way otherwise we would all get bored, it is so detrimental to live and live in a stationary pace. We NEED CHANGE, we need to move on to something more.

tim said...

´as long as you live in the state of becoming, you´ll be alright´ bobby dylan

Kirk Bartha said...

Yesterday I was waiting around a shop for my laptop to get fixed and I saw Call of Duty 3 on the shelf and looked it over - so sweet... I loved COD2 on my laptop... played online with gamers all ova da world. Downloaded all kinds of funky mods for it as well... before that it was Medal of Honour Allied Assault... I modded that one so fierce everyone online hated me :) so much fun!

I just bought my son Luke a used PS2 and noticed that COD3 is out for PS2 as well... I wonder if we could find and frag each other online... hmmm.

boys will be boys.

Kirk Bartha said...

I was just in the shop pricing the game again... hmmmm, what would my wife say!? I'll have to run it by her :)