Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good day

Had a good day today, what makes a good day?

The weather is one thing, it’s been absolutely gorgeous, 23 degrees today.

I spent time with friends, then played football with my sons. Thankfully I have a wife who can actually play football so we play 2 a-side! We beat our boys today. They are both really into Manchester United, and like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Me i have supported Liverpool since I was 5 and always will.

We were talking about places we would like to visit today and both my boys would like to go to Argentina, I quite fancy that.

Its an interesting season for us, it is more about connecting with people and having the time to develop good relationships. Its nothing like the summer, which is so hectic it seems like another world.

We pray everyday at the prayer room, after all if you are going to build something around prayer mission and justice, you need to pray. So we do 1.30 – 2.30 every week day. We meet together every Wednesday for a more focussed time and then try to eat together every other Sunday. In the new year we might start to do some form of creative gathering! Alongside that here is prep for our website which will go live in a week, association application, sorting things for the summer, fund raising, getting our cigarette lighters printed with “Jesus is the light of the world” written on them. All small but important things. Mainly it’s about people right now. My duties at the school also keep me busy, I like it, I am the president of the parents association. I love to be called “el presidente.” A small ego trip.

I’ve been looking at doing an MA, the nice people at Fuller Seminary have said I would qualify to do their Global Leadership MA. The only problem is the dinero! I’m praying about it.

As long as it isn’t some deep rooted insecurity inside me and I really want to do it. I have no real qualifications. It may surprise you to know that I got asked to leave college, for behavioural issues. I had an issue with behaving. Maybe a problem with authority or just some uppity sense that I knew best….. Getting kicked out didn’t do me any favours.

Anyway I missed out on my education, hence my occasional poor grammar and bad spelling.


dave wiggins said...

keep er lit Brian, there's more blogs flying out of you than ... well whatever ... check this out www.hopeni.org

Kirk Bartha said...

b, email me about your MA... I'm curious about the mucho dinero... Fuller is a good school. Regent is better though... my bias :)

lisa said...

Jenelle is doing her MA at Fuller and it's a ton of work because she is doing it while being full time in ministry but she is loving it. It's just up the road from where we stay at my parents house in Pasadena. Anyway, ask Jenelle about the program if you want thoughts from someone with recent experience.

jenelle said...

Yeah! I'm halfway through that cute MAGL program you're talking about. Lisa's right, it's almost killed me about 4 times, but all the profs give me so much support and grace it's amazing. I could talk for hours about how much I've already learned from the cohort community. That is, by far, the best part. Fuller has this dialogue (kill the monologue) education thing down with the MAGL. Do it.