Friday, November 10, 2006

Emergent Missional Church?

Ominus Clouds

Whats it all about?

I like this picture, that sense of the church with dark clouds gathering behind it. I love the title "ominus clouds".

I really do beleive and know that the church is in a tremendous time of change. You don't have to be a prophet to work that out.

What scares me is how we can veiw change. Are there really ominus clouds gathering over the church? or is the church in need of some fresh rain?

It was 27 degrees here yesterday a beautiful day, I was doing a retreat day right on the coast with some of the wonderful christians here on the island. The world was all it should be yesterday, calm sea, clear sky, beautiful veiw, warm temperature.

Then at the end of the day I was chatting with Bob and we got to talking about how Ibiza desperately needs some rain. The ground is too hard to plow, the farmers are spending to much of their energy maitaining their irrigation systems. The tanks that hold water are running out, it will cost them loads to get lorries out to their farms with water. The wells are a little dry. The produce isn't growing properly. If it doesn't rain, times will be become hard and the work difficult.

So my point is this, what is new, what is emerging? The sense that the church has to grow in our intentional missiological approach to the lost, that we have to find new "out of the box" ways of connecting with culture.

There is a growing swell of new thinking, new ideas and new ways of operating that could possibly be the rain we all prayed for when Toronto was happening.

We said "Come Holy Spirit" ~ She's here and then we don't like the new thing she is doing????????

Whats it all about, the church is always praying "kingdom come, revive us Lord" and then when it happens outside our own comfort zones and pre-concieved constructs of what church should look like, we end up getting stressed......

I don't understand. Are these clouds ominus or are they just what we need.

Send the rain Lord! Blatter the church with change, pour into every little nook and cranny that needs to shift and lets go with it. Even if it's scary and we don't understand it. I guess thats were trust and faith come in.


Brian Heasley said...

The thing I forgot to add was, we all love it when it's sunny and the weather is good. But it's not always best.

linda said...

There's definitely a shift within the church at the moment - me and friends keep talking about it- but not quite sure what to do about it.

indya said...

Thanks for your comment Brian, you big sweetie *exclamation mark* -the buttons on this keyboard don't work well...

Sheena said...

change is always scary, and always a reminder that we get comfortable - even with things that are not as they should be, and even when we know we need change.

it always comes down to control, doesn't it? ;-) weather we set the course or God does. and if God does, weather we chose to trust Him or keep trying to take back the wheel.

Mark "Island boy" said...

Thanks for those thoughts Brian. We were asking what it really means to "follow" Jesus at our home group last night, and I was left with the gut feeling that we only want to follow him "so far", as long as it does not upset our normal lives - and my heart, mind & guts ache to go with him beyond the current limits. Thanks again for the encouragement

andrew jones said...

cool pic!