Saturday, November 11, 2006

Everybody's family is weird

Been enjoying a couple of books recently, one I haven’t read before and the other I am revisiting.

A nice easy read by John Ortberg called “Everybody’s normal till you get to know them” and then a not so great book, but with a few cool insights by Leonard Sweet called “Soul Salsa”

Ortberg talks about the ideal Christian family based on a look at genesis:

“Cain is jealous of Abel and kills him. Noah – the most righteous man of his generation – gets drunk and curses his own grandson. Lot, when his home is surrounded by residents of Sodom who want to violate his visitors, offers instead that they can have sex with his daughters! Later on, his daughters get him drunk and get impregnated by him – and Lot is the most righteous man in Sodom!!!

Abraham plays favourites between his sons Isaac and Ishmael; they’re estranged.

Isaac plays favourites between his sons Jacob and Esau; they’re bitter enemies for 20 years. Jacobs play favourites between Joseph and his other 11 sons, the brothers want to kill Joseph and end up selling him to slavery.”

Leonard sweet says “ Look at the history of families in the bible. It’s not the story of one perfect family after another but of one problem family after another. There are more nut-cake families and fruit-cake families than there are angel-food-cake families.

You think you’ve got a dysfunctional family? Try being a member of the Adam and Eve family. Or the Isaac – Rebekah family. Or the Zebedee family. My new testament contains the story of nary a single couple who had a normal marriage or a perfect family life. Can you list me the names of the perfect families in the Bible? A typical family looks more and more like a typical love affair, full of rapture one day, fury and disgust the next”

For some reason this got me thinking about Ted Haggard

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resa said...

you're right... soul salsa isn't a book i'd recommend really but leonard sweet has some brilliant insight. i liked soultsunami (1999) a bit better.