Friday, November 24, 2006


Went to American friends tonight for Thanksgiving. It was a great time, 11 children and 8 adults, sitting back eating Turkey, Potatoes, Squash and loads of other vegetables and then pumpkin pie! We drank wine then finished by having coffee with strange liquor out of a special bowl with 8 spouts that you pass around the table and drink communally. Once I got over my fears of wash back (Saliva from each person returning to the bowl after each swig) I really enjoyed the communal vibe.

I got asked to say Grace at the beginning of the meal; I prayed a simple prayer of thanks for freedom, friends and fun. One of the guys I was sitting with said “we don’t do that enough” I said what? He said, “well here we are sitting in a beautiful house on the top of a mountain on a small Mediterranean island surrounded by family and friends, and we don’t always show appreciation”

Its true how we can so often take the good things in life for granted. We can focus on what’s not working, what’s wrong with the world and people in it and soon lose any sense of gratefulness for the good things that life has to offer.

Tonight I am thankful

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Mark (Island boy) said...

So true: so often we forget that Jesus compares his new way & life to a great big Thanksgiving communal meal with the best wine saved until last!