Monday, January 08, 2007


When I led a church in the UK, a young couple with children who were members of the church started to detect a strange smell in their daughters’ nursery. Initially they were un-concerned but as it only appeared at certain times they thought it was a little weird.

They decided to talk to some spiritual friends about it, so a few people from our prophetic team came around to their house and prayed about the smell.

The leader of the group of praying people along with others detected that the smell was a spiritual thing. That it was representative of something that had gone in the house. Eventually they discerned that the smell was “A spirit of molestation”! Needless to say the couple were freaked, especially as this spirit was in their daughters bedroom. They prayed loads and had others pray loads, I went around and prayed in the room, others did, a lot of prayer went up but the smell would not disappear.

Eventually another member of our leadership team went around to this couples for a social meal, whilst he was there he went upstairs to use the toilet and as he passed the nursery he noticed the smell. Now he used to be an electrician and instantly knew where the smell came from, it was the old 1950’s light fitting, the melamime ceiling rose! Everytime it got hot it gave off a smell, so he replaced the fitting a few days later and the smell never returned.

People sometimes look for a spiritual explanation to life’s trials when there is a practical one.

A lot of the teams who have come to Ibiza sometimes feel under attack, when actually they are not getting enough sleep and proper nourishment.

Yet I do believe in Angels and Demons, there is a devil out there who does not want what we do to succeed, admittedly I feel we give him to much credit, but he is real and he does want to thwart the work of Gods kingdom here on earth.

So for me the key is discernment, not the most popular of gifts but one I think needs to increase. I once heard someone say, "If prophecy is the eyes of the church then discernment is the nose of the church."

The ability to sniff out what is authentic, to tell the difference between good and evil.

What’s an attack and what’s tiredness

What’s a spirit of molestation and what’s a lightbulb fitting!

In life we need an increase in discernment.


David said...

Wow, what a great example of not looking for demons under rocks, or light fixtures, or orange jello.
My wife has an incredible gift of discernment, so I've learned to listen. :-)

I like what David Fich says in "The Great Giveaway" that in the context of community we reach agreements on what is true. One person can throw the whole lot off course, but a community can be free to discern together in safety and determine the course.

Anonymous said...

Great story Brian! I'll try and remember that one for when I'm talking on the gifts. Biblically-based common sense is always a good start point for these things! The genuine spiritual gift of discernment is like all of the gifts subject to misuse, etc. Nonetheless, as you said we should be thankful for what the Holy Spirit does for us as we walk in the Spirit.
Keep the wisdom flowing...
Peace to you this year, William

Marieke said...

Amen! Discernment is indeed an important gift within the church.

Cindy Harvey said...

hehehe....I had some 'prophetic' folks come to pray over my house once and they 'discerned' all manner of weirdness in my closets and so forth. I was polite, but after they left, I simply prayed and asked for God to show *me* what might or might not be weirdness in my closets.

Turned out, I didn't have to get rid of a thing. :o)

MikeCamel said...

Yay! Excellent.

jenelle said...

I like David's point from "The Great Giveaway." Discernment can truly operate as discernment in community. Individualism has hacked off all of our arms and legs in the Body. We really need people with good noses hanging around.

Andy Fay said...

I had a pair of dear friends who believed that witches tape-recorded spells onto C90 cassettes and then unwound the tapes and hid them in Christian's front gardens, or draped them over trees.
I pointed out that the spells wouldn't work as the tapes would be too dirty to play.
I love my religion, but honestly, sometimes...!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! But, I must admit, I thought that the story’s ending might differ. I prefer to use extra caution with children. Allotting to believe it wasn’t satanic, might be one of the ways that Satan deceives us, which allows us to become prey to his attacks. The concern parents’ prayer halted the molestation sprit - generational curse (probably descending from the mother and grandmother) from passing to the daughter/third generation. The anointed church leader/ electrician, has the authority from God to officially enter homes and cast demons out. The light fixture was symbolically used to switch from darkness back to light! Now that all fixtures are fixed and suddenly the smell comes back again - stronger… what would you believe? What do you see? Prophetess Bee