Sunday, January 07, 2007


Off to Ireland this week, we have our first international leadership team of 24-7prayer, which should be cool. Thats from Wednesday to Friday and then I am speaking at a thing called Mannafest, Friday night and Saturday night, on prayer.

I have had some good little times with God and got a good talk together.

Then on Sunday I am at Newtonards CFC in the morning which will be great. There are a lot of the guys from there I have only met online playing xbox 360. So it will be cool to put faces to their names.

The boys go back to school tomorrow, so it's back to early mornings. I must admit I am not looking forward to it.


indya said...

Brian! I wish I could come to Mannafest but I work on Saturday night, and I just had this one off for a retreat... and I'm at church on friday night. Crap. I'd love to hear your talk.

As for the comment you left me, I'm hoping to go to Canada near the end of this year, so that'll be 1 out of 4!

Pastor Phil said...

Grace to you, and your meetings Brian.

Dave Parkinson said...

Brian, greetings. I am involved with Mannafest as the stage manager/producer and we are all very excited for you coming along! see you Saturday!
God Bless DP