Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dream big?

We now have 3 new members who have all arrived here in the last week. It feels good.

I was driving my car home this morning and got to thinking about that verse from Isaiah that talks of "enlarging the place of your tent" a verse I have heard used often in my time with church, it is often related to growth and expectancy of enlargement.

With all that we are doing here I often find myself asking "should I dream big or small?" small is cool right now and in some circles dreaming big could almost be seen as a betrayal, in fact the word big rings all the wrong bells in a lot of people.

But why? surely if what we are doing grows it will get bigger?

To me it almost feels like if we don't really want to get big, we don't really want to grow. I am not talking about growth for growth or egos sake, but growth for the kingdoms sake.

I want others to engage in this dance with God I am committed to help them find the rhythm of relationship with God that is so life giving, and if we are successful we will grow. If as a community we lead others to faith we will grow.

So I am not frightened of big, not sure it will happen here! but then thats the challenge maybe I need to enlarge my thinking and start to dream big.

So today I dreamt big......


jonah said...

Have you read "The Irresistibly Revolution" by Shane Claiborne? He has a chapter on big v. small that I found very interesting. Both have their advantages, that much is sure. But they both have drawbacks. Best to tailor what you want to what will work best in Ibiza? Dunno. Anyway, great book.

Brian Heasley said...

Funny you should say that Tracy is reading it and I was going to give it a look this week when she has finished. Understand what your saying, big and small both work in Ibiza, have to see what God wants!!!!!