Monday, January 15, 2007


I am writing this from Barcelona airport, were i have a six hour wait for my 25 minute flight to Ibiza.

Sorry I didn't blog much this week, I have had a great time with the new international leadership of 24-7prayer. Cool people and cool place to stay, we sorted a lot which is cool, I am over using the word cool as my brain is fried.

Then I had two preaching sessions for an organisation called Mannafest run by Youth for Christ in N.Ireland. Friday night I was in a place called Enniskillen and then Saturday at the Ulster Hall in Belfast. I think it went okay i talked about Jacob wrestling with God and how that if we wrestle with God it could affect our walk. jacob limped away from his little wrestle.

Then I spent all day yesterday with friends in a place called newtonards, it was superb, Guiness and and conversation.

I also had the cool thing of having to friends called Loida and Itor hanging out with me for 3 days which was so good. They also like Guiness.

Anyway only another 3 hours before my flight, I've started doing sodukos!!!!


lisa said...

so great to spend time with you and the others. my love to the heasley fam and see you next time!

indya said...

Hmm... working so I can go to Canada in October?

Mimo said...

Ahh fab!! I'm part of YfC Finland, been there in Mannafest when I had YfC staff training in N-I couple of years ago. Great event that one they have in the Ulster Hall, and whole YfC NI.. Loved Northern Ireland in ever way actually. Nice place.