Saturday, January 06, 2007

Es Vedra

Went for a walk today up to Es Vedra, I didn't climb up to the watch tower but Tracy and the boys did, I sat a little further down and had a good prayer time. This place has lifted my spirits, I feel a bit more in tune with life again.

What was it? Why did I get so down? I think probably all the things I listed before, but now I feel a bit more on top of things. This is where we are meant to be and this is what we are meant to be doing.

I am looking forward to this new season, Ben and Becky Edmonds from England should arrive in about a week to join our community and also Helen Gross from Germany. So our community will grow. We are probably going to start some form of gathering very soon, once a week. A creative reflective space that gives people an opportunity to connect with the divine. It's a tricky one because right now in our minds we are probably defining it more by what we don't want to do than what we do want to do!

So it's time to dream and paint a new picture. All the time remembering that the gathering isn't church.

I once heard someone say that we have got used to saying church is not the building but we still say church is the meeting.

Meetings are important but they are not church.


Anonymous said...

hey big man glad to hear you're back in form.


Sheena said...

I have alot of thoughts about this that stem from my experience planting our church. When we started the process it was mostly governed by what we didn't want in our church, and so much of that was reactionary, from a place of woundedness. It caused a huge detour in our journey, and frankly, nearly derailed us.

I'm pleased by your comment "It's a tricky one because right now in our minds we are probably defining it more by what we don't want to do than what we do want to do!" because i see that you're much further ahead of that pothole than we were at the start.

I greatly encourage you to continue to focus on seeking out what God is asking you to build in your weekly gathering, and leave the "don't wants" alone. He knows all of you...knows your personalities, likes, dislikes and desires. He will not build something from you that is other than who you are as a community. He made your desires so He could build you into that thing that you desire and are to be in His Kingdom on earth.

I believe the weekly gathering together of the body really should be a corporate connection point that is focused on celebrating what God is doing in and through us the rest of the week. It is also a opportunity to "network" within the community to coordinate meeting spiritual and practical needs of the members of the community.

I could say so much more about this, but I think I'm already rambling. :-)

Pastor Phil said...

Yes, yes, yes. We've been saying this for years, but that doesn't mean it does not sink in. Our terminolgy has been that "church is not an event."

I think that it is almost safer to say that it is a building, than to think that it is an event. But alas - it is us.

Nick Ashman said...

What an amazing view! Must see that one this year! Will be in touch again soon, but I'm so pleased you're feeling better! God is doing some crazy stuff in my life too at the moment and it's great!

God bless mate,