Thursday, January 25, 2007

My son found this little game, it's loads of fun and easy to play in the office when no one is looking.

So yesterday we started to take all the prayer requests down from our prayer room wall. We have made a rule, that no prayer gets taken off the wall without the person who wrote it being prayed for. It's going to take 7 of us a while, as there are over 1000 prayers. Steve did the maths and Tracy confirmed 2 x 7 x 5 = 70, 1000 < 70 = roughly 14 weeks, so no worries.

It was a good thing to do and helps remind us of why we are here.

A bigger question that ran through my head yesterday is this:

Are we a missions station or a church plant, is there a distinction? Am i just frustrated that the planting developing community is taking longer then the missions stuff?

In emergent language what on earth is missional?

Is this whole "emergent" word, in danger of just becoming another brand?

Another way of defining who's in and who is out, you know like "we're an emergent church" probably would use the word church, just community?

Kind of like churches calling themselves "charismatic" in the 70's?

I know anything new would hate to admit that it smells of the past, but I am looking at the emergent village website, sorry no link I am on a roll, and it's just a new culture, with a new language that looks like a new denomination!

You could soon tell if you where in or out!

I love the term emergent, I think we have to do things differently in order to reach a changing culture, but the term itself has been hijacked and branded, I urge you to drop it.


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dan said...

brian ...

i love this game! check out for amazing videos of other line rider creations ...

my son and i once spent two hours watching the video clips!