Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just read an interesting book about Diego Maradona, I was impressed by his determination but a little disappointed by how the world seemed to revolve around him.

He was a leader, a leader with a tremendous gift. A talent to inspire and create moments of genius, a strong force. I like leaders like that.

A guy called Jorge Valdano said about him "Poor old Diego, for so many years we have told him repeatedly, 'You're a god', 'you're a star', that we forgot to tell him the most important thing: You're a man"

In the end the weight of expectation got to him, he said of himself "People have to understand that Maradona isn't a happiness-making machine."

Do we expect to much from our leaders?

When I meet people damaged by leadership or who are bitter towards leaders, I wonder is it always the leaders fault?

Was it Sauls fault that he let the people of Israel down as a king, or was it their fault? they wanted a king in the first place.

Last year I read biographies on: Chairman Mao, Mary Queen of Scots, John Wesley, Ghandi, Frank Skinner, John Calvin and Peter Kay.

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