Tuesday, February 27, 2007

El Presidente

When we arrived here I decided I wanted to be involved in our childrens school, it is the only international school on the island. I attended the parents association and after a few weeks somehow got elected as president! We have new elections in a few weeks time and I will be running again for president.

I love my involvement with Ipamic, which stands for Idependant Parents Association of Morna International College, it's not cool or groovy, but it has loads of really wonderful people who are involved, check out our little website Ipamic The other thing I really believe in; is involvement.

Anyway the parents association is not like anything else I have ever been on, we are friends who have coffee together every week. In fact I probably have more coffees with people than Phil Togwell which believe me, if you knew him, is pretty insane.

The great thing about meeting with so many people from so many different nations on a regular basis is that has really helped me broaden my understanding of other nationalities. I work with French, Spanish, Italian, American, German, Belgian and English people every week.

I read something in this week in a book called Adventures in Wonderland (A decade of club culture) by Sheryl Garrat, it was a quote by a guy called Alfredo Fiorito "Most of the people who come to ibiza are the centre of attention in their own area, the superstar in their own town. Even if they are little places. And then they come to Ibiza and realise that what they are doing is not so easy here. So they have to grow."

I like that, I feel that I am growing here.

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