Monday, February 26, 2007


Well I am back.

Have been for a few days, got back on Wednesday and then on Friday had a drugs awareness day, with Vicky Ward, long term Ibiza person. It was a great day, very informative and should be a real help for the future.

Reflections on America.
1. It's big
2. The bits I saw are patriotic
3. The people I met were generous
4. There is a hunger for God
5. It's nothing like God TV
6. You could get fat living there
7. Not many people walk anywhere
8. Clothes and shoes are cheap
9. Crowds are more responsive then the in the UK
10. JFK airport is crap
11. American Airlines aren't much better
12. It's encouraging to see a hunger for genuine community
13. Venison in Lasagne works
14. I had a guided staff tour of Capitol Hill, which was very fascinating
15. Sitting on a chair in the House of representatives was cool
16. Awaken the Dawn was a great conference, very relational, which surprised me!
17. We have lots of generalisations about America, many of which are wrong
18. There are Christians who still believe in the Death Penalty
19. Don't mention the war
20. I would like to visit again with my family


Phil Evans said...

Step aside Bill Bryson....

Sheena said...

I loved your list! As the only American in the list of blogs you stalk, of course I have to comment. I'm thrilled that you liked it here, and had a good American experience.

I've actually never been in the DC area. I live 2800 miles northwest, at the end of the Oregon Trail, and there's a vast deal of difference between the two coasts. If you do bring your family to the States you have to squeeze Portland in. It's an amazing place.

There are so many negative sterotypes about this side of the pond. You ought to be hugged for saying "We have lots of generalisations about America, many of which are wrong
". Funny as it sounds, those words really blessed me. Whenever I travel in Europe I'm incredibly self-concious of being American, and feel like I have to appologize for where I come from. Thank you for being open-minded about America. ;-)

jenelle said...

I really appreciate your list, Brian.
Though, I've never had venison in lasagne! Sad that I happened to be on the wrong coast during that conference near my home. A friend of mine went, and also said it was lovely. Welcome home.

lisa said...

hey, speaking of "don't mention the war" have you seen the documentary "Shut Up and Sing" ? A really good insight into how some Americans respond to what they percieve to be unpatriotic behavior.

Brian Francis Hume said...


Aneta and I enjoyed your list. Having a wife from Poland, I understand the European mindset regarding the issue of walking versus driving. When we lived downtown Fredericksburg, Aneta could walk (about 15 minutes) every day to work. Interestingly our neighbors thought it was the strangest thing that she would want to walk even in “bad” weather. It seems that Americans figure why walk when you can drive!

Blessings – Brian & Aneta