Saturday, February 17, 2007

The power of blogging

A beautiful thing happened today, Brian and his wonderful polish wife Aneta read my blog last night and today they brought me deodorant and moisturiser, thankfully I had found some Nivea cream in my bag last night but the deodorant was greatly appreciated.

I have been told today that they have a small pick up truck for me to use whilst I am here, slightly nervous of driving though, everywhere is so big. I will give it a go though.

Tomorrow I have been asked to speak at a church in Richmond, Virginia so I might go there, they will confirm this afternoon.

Yesterday I met a really cool guy called Jack Groblewski, it was really nice to sit and chat with him, we knew loads of the same people, and he was very well informed about the UK christian scene, he has loads of connections over there. It was a great connection.

Slept really well, just bunking off another talk, getting my seminars ready for this afternoon and blogging.

Just been giving some chapstick, for my lips so now I smell better, have smooth baby like skin and wonderful moist lips! I am the perfect specimen of a man today.

Is it wrong for ment to moisturise?

Carlos, do Mexicans not wear deodorant or moisturise?

One other thing, you could get very fat living here.....


Brian Francis Hume said...


We knew you weren’t lacking in aspiration due to your vision for Ibiza; your preaching definitely revealed the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; but, we knew that perspiration without deodorant meant trouble! We were honored to serve the man-of-God a stick of Old Spice deodorant! Both my wife and I think you’re great.

For His Cause,

Brian & Aneta

Anonymous said...

Hi, sounds fun. Love to you from the Harmans

lisa said...

I'm glad to hear you were well taken care of. Trying to figure out who you met that that was with us in Portugal.... Lauren, perhaps? Dark hair, incredibly sweet young face??

David said...

Hey Brian,
It was great to meet you and sit in on your workshops. Thanks to you and your boys "moobies" is a new word around here. Ha ha.
I would have loved to pray with you on Sunday (I approached you as you were leaving Sat.) but we had to scoot out early.

Take care.