Monday, February 19, 2007

Still here

So today, I am chilling before I go tomorrow. Sitting in a room with a few Croation guys, a south african and some americans. It's cool, I have been shopping, it is slightly over awing, to many shops.

I got a lift yesterday from a chap who wrote the song: "Give thanks with a grateful heart" in the 70's a christian classic!

Went too the senior pastors for tea a few days ago it was nice he is a red Indian, and has a really nice house but he also hunts and the only meat they eat is venison, which is lovely, he has over 20 hounds which he keeps down on the reservation, that he uses for hunting. All the meat we ate was killed by him. It was the wrong time of year but if I had of been here at a different time I could have gone hunting. I like hunting.

Going to look around washington DC tomorrow and then fly out at tea time.

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