Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Emotional Health

Whilst I was in America a senior pastor spoke to me about how as christians we often talk about spiritual wellbeing but we don't do much to much to keep ourselves emotional healthy. It really struck me that I need to protect myself emotionally, give myself a time out do something unrelated to everything else! So today i joined a gym!!!!!

I am going to go every day, today I thought I was going to die, my lungs and heart hurt but now I feel so much better. It was a great 30 minute session, I am going to build up to an hour a day, the Gym is only a 4 minute walk from where we live. I nearly drove but thought that would have defeated the object.

Anyway tomorrow I am running for re-election as president of the schools parents association, which is a great job. Hope i get in..


Dave Parkinson said...

Thanks for the comment dude, good luck in the election and talking about Gym, i totally need to join one. All the best

karenp said...

I love it that you were going to drive.........!!! I laughed because I can relate!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, ah it's good to be found. I'm glad to have found you're blog too! Thank you so much for your prayers, i really appreciate them, especially as my spanish is coming muchas slowly. Our little mexican community prayed for guys on Sunday morning...will keep on, jo x

Anonymous said...

I totally get where you are comming from on the gym thing. I too need to get back to the gym or some exercise but this is more to do with my physic not needed a space to do other stuff, I have too much of that already.

Good luck with the PTA Chairmanship reelection! I will be praying for you.

If you get five mins then check out me blog, it's new and needs work but it's getting there.



Ivonne said...

Tell me about it! I am even sadder: got my self a personal trainer! Finger crossed for the school elections (some parents can be bad loosers, watch out!) (",)

dave wiggins said...

I have been to the gym once. My dad had a triple heart bypass and joined it a short while after. He invited me along once. I raced him on the treadmill, to see who would last the longest. He won, i puked up in the pool and never was invited back. Good luck though.

You need a campaign motto: maybe'Vote Brian Heasley' for pink shorts and a safe school'