Wednesday, March 14, 2007

El Presidente

Well, I got re-elected, actually the whole process was a lot more nerve racking than I thought. Lots more people turned up and they were predominantly Spanish. So it was very humbling and encouraging to be elected to represent these people.

My body aches, but thats a different matter, I've just got to push through the pain and keeping going to the gym.

I have been reading a really great book, I think it is old. It's by a guy called Steve Sjogren called, Conspiracy of Kindness. It advocates the use of kindness as a way of spreading the Love and ushering in the kingdom.

There is a great chapter about how we need to break out of our own fears and start to be the answer. He talks about how we can't just expect people to turn up to our events etc.. and quotes a Chinese Proverb "Man stand for long time with mouth open before roast duck fly in"

I like that a lot.

I will blog some more thoughts I have been having on kindness soon.


Sheena said...

Congratulations, Mr President!

Cindy said...

Steve Sjogren is the founding pastor of the church I attend ( He has some great writings on being a servant to others. I don't know if you know or not but there is a whole website based on servant evangelism ( It's good stuff.

Congrats on your presidency.

Ivonne said...

reading the line "congratualtion,mr president" makes me giggle as I think of Marilyn Monroe singing 'happy birthday' to president! in a much less glamorous and feminine way,I congratulate you!

dave wiggins said...

more chance of a fly going in there than a duck!