Friday, March 30, 2007


I am off to Tenerife for 7 days in about 2 hours for a holiday with my family, I am not taking my lap top! and then I am in England for 3 days at my Step-brothers wedding.

So I won't blog again until 10th April.

By the way if you are a burglar reading this, we have some german friends staying in our house and my dog bites!

Have a good easter.

He is Risen


Hannah said...

Brian if you read this before you go and you fancy it and you're in Las Americas go see The Living Room project above Burger King on the main strip there.
24-7 sent a team there in Summer 05 which I was on.

for more


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah, thanks for that we have already arranged to go and see them on Tuesday, there are a lot of similarities in what we do and it will be lovely to connect with them.


Rupert Ward said...

have a good holiday brian.

Ivonne said...

Have a fun time guys!(",)

Anonymous said...

He is risen indeed!

r a l f said...

what's more scary - your german friends or your dog? =)