Thursday, March 08, 2007

Let me introduce you to some friends

Can you make blog friends! or are they just people we like to look in on. In my mind they become internet friends we share something in common even if it is onle a link or a short comment. So here are some new people who I think you will find interesting. I'll post here and next week put them on links list, I figured it's Friday if your at work and winding down heres plenty to explore.

Dan, ooops sorry david, is the naked pastor I just love the way those two words go together. he has some great images on his blog and is an artist. I love being naked at our last house here on the island i used to walk around naked quite a lot until one day Tracy told me I had a small peice of toilet paper hanging out my bum! I stopped it after that, sorry for the really awful picture I have placed in your mind.

Then there is Mimosa from Finland I think she has one of the coolest names and after my geographical faux pas with Resa and Krister I am glad to recommend a great blog that truly is from Finland.

Then there is Lisa from Canada who dreams of european coffee shops, she writes really well.

Everybody reads Andrew Jones Blog and it is well worth a read.

There are a couple of Ibiza blogs Ben and Becky are part of our team, they haven't been able to update much as Telefonica, the Spanish phone people are taken for ever to install a phone line! Then there is Helen, she is also part of our community, she writes in german but also posts load of great images.

Daniel Jones is worth a look he seems like a nice chap, although his picture makes him look a bit like a thug.

Scott and Misty Bower live in Macedonia at the moment and are braver than all of us with the adventure they have taken.

Then there is Yvonne she is italian writes long posts and lives in England her post yesterday was very profound, check it out, I beleive she is quite small.

This lot should keep you busy, I have more, but after yesterdays mammoth post I am trying to keep it short.


Ivonne said...

Brian,you make me laugh sooo much!!! Indeed I am petit,but I laugh and talk so loud you can hear me way before you can see my 5.2 physique!! Thanks for the intro - I shall exchange the favour soon!!(",)

Hansy said...

Would it be possible to do a crime watch style reconstruction picture for the blog?

Lisa said...

Well, thanks for the reccomendation! And the compliment on my writing. I found you through Kirk Bartha, though I hang around the 24/7 UM house here in Calgary increasingly often as well.

Mimo said...

Haha, thanks for the compliment Brian! Oh pressure, all this audience..ahh well all one can do is be myself, even if in cyberspace it means youtube videos heh =)

Btw, as I clicked to Yvonne' blog, I saw "Ha, that blog link she's got there must be Finnish people! (I concluded this by their name) I shall just click on that..." And what do I find? First thing I see is my our senior pastor&his wife's face! It was their daughter's blog!! Haha!! I thought that was amazing! World is small indeed! How likely is that! God connects. Best thing about this world wide web =)

Ivonne said...

It is a small world indeed! Mimmo,my best friend (Rie, a Japanese lady) is married to Taneli ,Mikko's young bro,Sussu's husband!!!! It is a small world,oh,so small! Feel free to visit my blog any time!(",)