Tuesday, March 20, 2007

missing the point

I guess you are right it's easy to miss the point, thanks for your comments guys. I think that everyones perspective gets a little screwed from time to time, mine did yesterday!

Still fighting my reactions to stress at the moment, I have had a couple of very busy weeks and I used to be very good at handling stress, but now I seem to not handle it so well.

One thing I did when we arrived was see how long I could survive without having my own diary, I have gone 2 years without a diary, just relying on memory and emails people have sent me with dates in.

It's been good but I am feeling the need for a little more organisation in my life. My getting rid of a diary was a response to a heavily diaried life in the UK, I found it so annoying when you used to try and meet someone and couldn't get a date for about a month in advance. I don't want to go back there but I do need a little more order. I still want the life that means I can have coffee with someone within a day or two, but I think I can still do that.

maybe I should do more lists, that would help and keep Jenelle happy (check out her blog)

A Random List of stressy things:

1. People who are consistently late
(they are saying my time is more important than yours!)

2. Mornings

(they are wrong and talking should be banned until 10.30am)

3. Communal eating

(Peoples table manners are unpredictable)

4. Travelling with other people
(I have my systems and get upset if others don't comply)

5. My children walking near cliffs and climbing rocks
(this is dangerous, they can do it but not when I am about)

6. Tracys driving
(She has had less accidents than me but I am still a better driver)

7. Not having two pillows, one feather and one foam

(I can only get to sleep if I have a pillow over my head)

8. A dusty sandy car

(This is a nightmare if you live in this rain forsaken island)

9. Someone else having the remote control
( I need to control the appliances)

10.Losing my car keys
(you never realise they are lost until you need to leave and then you become stress number 1 to someone else)


J-Mac said...

To encourage you Brian...I've been thinking loads about the challenge recently that the problem with Christians is not that they don't CARE about the poor but that they don't KNOW the poor (be that financially, spiritually or emotionally poor).

More than anyone else I know about you are the one that is actually living it out. Your honest writing as a result is uncomfortable, disturbing and inspiring.

Keep writing about kindness, it's much easier to listen to someone who lives it.

Ben said...

We can sort out number 10 Brian. I have a hammer drill and some hooks. trust me it has saved us hours of time that were previously wasted!!
Number 8 maybe you're on to a money making scheme here - 24-7 car washing 1.30 to 2.30 - we pray while we clean 2 birds with one stone - perfect!!

Jenelle D'Alessandro said...

I think mornings should be banned till 11:30am! And I agree that diaries can steal life. It's like when I moved to Portugal and refused to wear a watch. Thanks for the shout out...love those lists!

Carla said...

I love this list! It's genius, I'd love to read yours :D

Brian Heasley said...

carla, that is my list I wrote it yesterday when I was feeling grumpy!!!!