Saturday, March 03, 2007


Have just been watching U2 live at Slane Castle, a great little DVD I got for Christmas. It got me thinking to a little moment back in the late 80's when i attempted a robbery of some guys banking the days takings from their shop, I used a claw hammer noone got hurt and I didn't get any cash! In fact I did get something, a short spell in prison a 2 year probation order and a 9 month condition of residence at a probation hostel, not what I planned when I started out. Anyway the thought was that just before I attempted the robbery I had the words of the U2 song "Desire" going around in my head. I was high on Speed and all I can remember is that i kept repeating the line "for the love of money, money, money" I chanted it as my mantra "money, money, money" as I charged in for the cash!

Anyway in the Autumn I am standing in a fantastic villa, you've probably never been in one like it. I am not showing off thats just how it was. When all of a sudden the line "all of this, all of this, could be yours" started to fly around in my head from the U2 song "Vertigo".

I had a difference response this time, I didn't get sucked in to day dreaming and working out how i could get what i want.

I recognised it as the not so subtle voice of our culture creeping up on me and trying to take me off course and distract me from what I am called to do.

Funny thing money, I like it and hate it.


J-Mac said...

I was at that gig! If you watch it all in slow motion you'll see me at one point!

The 'money, money, money' bit in desire refers to 'a preacher stealing hearts in a traveling show'. We just got SKY in and have about 20 channels of this!

markus said...

love this u2 disc. and ur attitude ob this money thing. (btw. ur german is gret *g* - sooner or later i may right in english - or american as some people name it)

Daniel Jones said...

I'm not that scary!

Karen said...

It's a fine balance--this money thing. And trying to impress on our teenage children a decent perspective about money and "things" while living in "the Hamptons" where 75% of the homes are 5000+ square feet and only occupied on some weekends during the summer... well, it's a feat in itself. I like to have "things" too. Did I miss the point? LOL