Monday, April 16, 2007


It's a funny thing fear, well funny isn't probably the best word, strange would be better. Although I think we would do well to laugh at some of our fears.

I believe that fear is a good social control, I believe that fear is the opposite of trust.

Most of the fear we have is exaggerated, fear of being misunderstood, fear of heights, fear of dying, fear of spiders, fear of being left on our own, fear of crowds, etc...

I don't fear dying, although I am now worried that because I have written this I could die. Then when you all went to look for the lasts words written on my blog they would reassure you that I died fearlessly.

A wierd thought leaps into my mind "maybe I am writing this because I am going to die today", therefore I end up fearing death, which is exactly what I started out saying I didn't fear, but because I challenged it, it bit back and won! does that make sense.?

Thats why we need to laugh at our fears, most of them are irrational.


dave wiggins said...

i'm definately getting a laugh at your fears haha!

Kirk Bartha said...

Wow, I'm sure if I read that post again... I'm afraid I'll get a migraine :)

One Truth said...

Yeah, I usually laugh when I face my fears because I fear that if I don't then i'll have a panic attack and cry. ;)