Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I am off to Barcelona for 24 hours with my wife: Tracy (Tanya Heasley on my blog links is my sister in law) we are going to see some friends. It's a cool place to visit, we can leave our house and within 2 hours be in the centre of Barcelona, which is cool. The 25 minute flight is more like a bus ride.

So no blogging tomorrow. Maybe I can convince Tracy and friends to go look around the Camp Nou Stadium, home of Barcelona FC. I am going to miss the second half of Man Utd v AC Milan, my sons support Man Utd so we are hoping they can at least go through to the final before Liverpool beat them.

By Friday I hope to be able to give you an update on the Bibles and computers. We have the condoms, probably because they are the easiest to get!

Someone gave me a book as a present by the artist Banksy, I love his work it's so cool, you should check him out.

I have missed both my Spanish lessons this week, partly out of busy-ness and partly out of shame! I'll go on Friday.

Banksy: " They say graffiti frightens people and is symbolic of the decline in society, but graffiti is only dangerous in the minds of 3 types of people; politicians, advertising executives and graffiti writers. The people who truly deface our neighbourhoods are the companies that scrawl giant slogans across buildings and buses trying to make us feel inadequate unless we buy their stuff. They expect to be able to shout their message in your face from every available surface but you're never allowed to answer back. Well' they started the fight and the wall is the weapon of choice to hit them back. Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place"

I am seriously thinking about buying some spray cans, would that be okay?


lisa said...

some of my favorite people in the world are graffiti artists. it takes a lot of skill to make a spray can do what you're imagining so you better practice at home first before you decide to get into street art :-)

Ian Coates said...

'I am seriously thinking about buying some spray cans, would that be okay?' - depends if all you're gonna do is spray BRIAN 4 TRACY all over Ibiza!

Mark (Island) Boy said...

Just come back from a day trip to London - dealing with €200m financial transactions - sometimes i wonder if the graffiti is the only sign of real life around the city?

dave wiggins said...

haha, mate i'm there. i downloaded some graffiti stencil fonts the other day. i have a great idea but obviously will not share it incase i have the balls to follow through sometime and someone squeals on me. Banksy has a great book out.

Ivonne said...

Ops! The blonde person who called your wife Tanya is silly me!!! SOOOOOOOORRY, TRACY!!! Speaking of footie and misunderstandings, last night as I was driving my Italian no plate car home I nearly got beaten up by a bunch of drunk Man Utd fans who thought that because I am Italian I must be a Milan supported...dah!