Friday, May 04, 2007

Bibles and computers update

Well we have the condoms!

Also Paul has raised over £700 for the bibles so far and I have had a number of other generous people push the donate button which has meant, the bibles were posted to us from the USA yesterday.

Bouyed with a sense that this can be done, with one or two other donations and a few promises, and a sense that the rest will come, even though we don't have all the money we ordered the computers, which should also be here next week. I am so encouraged that primarily most of the money has come from this blog community. It is fantastic.

Thank you all. Thank you.

If anyone has 300 of anything lying around that they would like to pop into a workers pack, let me know! I'm thinking, packs of love hearts, individually packed English tea bags, or you may have your own random ideas!!!.

Another thing we found upon our visit to The Living Room Project in Tenerife is that they had a library, all books about hardmen and gangsters who had found Jesus, people loved them. The Hiding place, Cross and the switchblade that sort of thing, so if you've got any of those kind of books let us know. Think about it, you come to work in a place for 6 months, you soon run out of books to read by the pool, come to our library, we will lose a few but who cares.

Need to get a settee and some uplighters for the office, but at least with the bibles and computers, we are good to go.

This all stem from being inspired to do this drop in for workers, we started looking for bigger premises, but then I had a strong impression which I felt was God, saying "What have you got in your hand" So the office was what we had, before we get anything bigger we need to make good use of what we have now.

I think the same applies to life, I remember hearing a story about a girl getting a lottery ticket and saying "if I win I'll give some to charity" the attendant said to her "do you give to charity now" she said "No" and he said "you probably won't when you win"

I see this a lot, people who say when they are successful they'll give loads of money to charity but they don't give out of the little they have now, people who say they would love to have a big house for hospitality but don't use their small house for hospitality, you get the gist?

Anyway thank you to all who gave out of the little they had, We as a community here in Ibiza appreciate that we are part of something bigger and that people are for us. Sometimes with only 9 of us here we can feel small and alone but watching peoples response over the last few weeks has lifted us all so much. Not just the money but the debate around condoms etc..forcing us think, talk and pray which has led us to be very sure and confident of what we are doing here.

Peace to you all


jonah said...

Yo Brian!

don't buy any Bibles yet. A guy in our community knows the X3 Church guy and is going to try and get you the 300 bibles for either a discount or for free.


Anonymous said...

Tenerife stuff can be found at - then follow the tenerife links. God bless your ministry.

Karen said...

Woohoo! Very excited for you guys. I'm still trying to think... do I have 30 of anything...? hmmmm... I'll get back to ya.

Tanya Heasley said...

Hya, I'm reading 'Red Moon Rising' at the moment about the beginnings of 24-7 which has led me to the 24-7 prayer site. Yesterday I watched for the first time the Ibiza team on You Tube.

I felt really emotional during the clip because I can truely see the dedication, commitment and motivation you guys have for the work you're doing in such a corrupt, potentially dangerous and overwhelming environment.

Although you guys sometimes feel alone and we are geographically apart, I want you to know that you are part of a bigger church and you're always in our prayers.

Keep doing a grand job!

Brian Heasley said...

thanks anon I have put the link in

Rachel said...

Hi Brian. You don't know me - I'm friends with Jenelle and the Bordens and read your blog occasionally.

A few weeks ago, I read your comment to Jenelle about the woman who prayed for a man to fill the blue jeans she put at the end of her bed. At the time, it made me smile, and then a couple of days ago, I decided to try a revised version. I was wrapping up my last finals of my first year of graduate school and putting a beer in the fridge to reward myself at the end of the day. I was standing there with the fridge door open, and laughed to myself -- 'hey, what the heck, i'll put in two and pray for God to send along a man to drink the other one.' Turns out he did. ; )

Anyway, I kind of made myself laugh with the whole thing and I thought you might appreciate it.



Mimo said...

That is awesome, great to hear

ellis said...

I had a quite bad week- i take back my comment on liverpool- DESTROY MILAN LIKE YOU DID 2 YEARS AGO

Anonymous said...

Can we put in a workers newsletter with contacts that can be a guenuine help, ie accomadation, how to get the NIe, available jobs etc? I'll talk to you in person but Ellis wanted me to leave a comment!!!


jude said...

what about 300 sachets of marmite? OK so I don't have but a cash n carry here might!

Brian Heasley said...

that would be a great idea. Marmite is very exspensive here and even if people don't all like it they will know someone who does. can you make it happen?

Anonymous said...

maybe they could smear it on the condoms...