Monday, May 28, 2007

I have realised that when I am tired my barriers go down, well maybe not my barriers more my filters. We tend to filter things before they come out of our mouths, admittedly my filters aren't the greatest most of the time. But I do try.

I am not really a big swearing or crude person, I was always brought up to have good language.

I think I have let it slip over the years and there are phrases I use that I wouldn't have used when I was younger. I never swear when I am preaching and generally don't swear in conversation, although if I am recounting a story I don't mind using the actual language.

We have this wonderful language and if we can't say what we want to say without swearing then thats a pretty poor show.

I'm not an angel, but I promise to try harder. I'll try and watch what I write late at night when I am tired.

Sorry dad.

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Carla said...

Interesting... I blogged about my own struggle with this last week. Tough and frustrating eh? Steve and I were chatting yesterday and he said that in contemporary Christian culture it's more popular to be cheeky than Holy. I think he's right but isn't that weird, wrong? Fight the good fight, there are many of us standing humbly by your side... xc